The Ubisoft Winnipeg Hiring Team

Some fear the unknown. The brave welcome it. The bold create it. If you’re ready for the career of a lifetime, ready to create next-level gaming technology, then Ubisoft Winnipeg wants you. Only the bold need apply.

Are you a visionary? A Code Ninja? A C++ master?
Check out our open positions below!

Darryl Long

Managing Director

Ashley Smith

HR Manager

Open Positions

Who you are

The Code Ninja. You are the Swiss Army Knife of your programming team. You were excited to follow Katie Bouman and you have a sticky note on your monitor that says “If you need it, I can build it” right next to the picture of Geordi La Forge. You follow the latest tech trends, dabbling in everything from Machine Learning to Lambdas to RUST. You love learning the latest technologies, you sponge up programming languages, and you can stitch together APIs with such skill it puts Grandma’s quilt to shame.

What you’ll do

  • Throw yourself into every and any programming challenge with vigor and gusto
  • Learn new technologies and figure out how to integrate them in our content workflows
  • Propose new technologies to improve video game production pipelines

Who you are

You are a technology visionary. Yes, you’re the one who sees the future. So you already know what this is going to say but you’re polite enough to read it anyway. You understand the video game industry and you know where it’s going. Whenever you hear a new tech announcement, you’ve already had that idea. Of course you are also a great programmer, but you know having an awesome team is like having multiple pairs of hands. You’re a natural leader, people always look to you to know where to go. You excel at constructing teams that go above and beyond, that achieve greatness in technology, and can build software that no one (except you) has ever dreamed before.

What you’ll do

  • Build the technological vision of the studio with the other studio leaders
  • Build, inspire, and mentor a top tier programming team
  • Write awesome code, as required, while balancing team requirements

Who you are

You are the guru of code, the wizard behind the curtain, the master of compiler optimization. Hell, you wrote the compiler. You are passionate about cache times, you dream about wave collapse functions and it burns deep inside that you don’t have time to refactor your personal game engine to take full advantage of Variable Rate Shading. You suspect there may be a Fibonacci hiding in Google’s image of the day and you wrote an ANN to find it. Yup, you’re our Technical Architect.

What you’ll do

  • Build the technological vision of the studio with the other studio leaders
  • Lead the design of new technologies and tools
  • Anticipate technological advances and develop new technology that maximize these opportunities

Who you are

You are a C++ master who loves solving complex problems by going down the rabbit hole of technical challenges. You are versatile and highly motivated to innovate, bursting with ideas for new game development technology. You are passionate about running RTXs in parallel, you love profiling sorting algorithms, and you fist-pumped when you doubled the data throughput from SSD. You are excited to create new low-level systems that enable our game creators to build larger, more immersive open worlds.

What you’ll do

  • Analyze and understand the requirements of content creators to design new engine systems
  • Adapt or replace game engine systems to enhance the efficiency of game development
  • Propose new systems and architecture to drive innovation in our game engines

Who you are

For you, developing tools isn’t just a job, it’s a passion. You have ideas for new ways of building tools, new interfaces, and new paradigms of UI. You understand the importance of the user experience, of empowering content creators to excel by reducing friction in everyday tasks. You can analyse an existing interface, talk with the users, and develop a plan to improve the workflow. You can listen to what the user wants and parse that into delivering what they need. You won’t stop until our content creators are thrilled with their new toys, and neither will we.

What you’ll do

  • Create block-rocking tools that make it easier to build even better open worlds
  • Listen to the needs of content creators to provide excellent customer service
  • Improve the content pipeline by designing and implementing amazing new tools and systems

Life at Ubisoft Winnipeg

We are, each of us, visionaries: curious, ambitious, and creative problem solvers who strive to learn and grow from both success and failure.

We are a family: collaborative, diverse, and believe in balance. We are ambassadors of Ubisoft, our studio, our culture, and our community.

We integrate partner success into our culture: our service to our partners is exceptional and we never stop looking for ways to better both ourselves and our partners’ success.


It’s an incredible opportunity to be here at the start of Ubisoft Winnipeg, taking on new challenges and wearing many hats in order to create a pool of innovation that will benefit Ubisoft as a whole. Winnipeg is also a great place to raise my family, with welcoming neighbours and lots to do outdoors.

Nicolas, Associate Producer from France

Winnipeg’s a big city with a small-town attitude, which helps give the Ubisoft studio its personality. We have a great culture here that preserves everyone’s different way of thinking and coordinates that into a cohesive final product. Everyone’s pushing in the same direction — toward making game production easier — and that makes this studio critical to gaming overall.

Sky & Free, Senior Programmers from Japan

Since I was a kid, I dreamed of working in development, and Ubisoft Winnipeg is a life-changing opportunity for me. It’s a great environment that treats employees well and encourages us to improve ourselves. Our culture is still developing here and I love being part of that process — everyone’s opinion matters here.

Sergei, Tools Programmer from Russia

World-Class Studio.
World-Class City.

You already have a home in Winnipeg. We chose this city for our one-of-a-kind studio because it’s a one-of-a kind place, where people from dozens of countries live and thrive in a vibrant culture that promotes worklife balance. There’s plenty of room for you and your family to grow — with affordable housing, welcoming communities, and great schools — so you can live like you never thought you could.

Never had a backyard before? You can now. Want to live somewhere where neighbours bring you pastries because it’s the neighbourly thing to do? You can now. Want to live in a place with all the amenities of a major metropolis, but everything’s only a 20-minute drive away? Yeah, you get it.

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The career of a lifetime is at Ubisoft Winnipeg.

Are you ready?